Torrent Converter operation and options

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2023-08-31 12:00

Torrent Converter operation and options

Torrent Converter allows you to convert a .torrent or MAGNET file in DDL.

The files are stored on the host FilesTank.

You cannot have more than 20 active torrents in progress. By active torrents, we are talking about torrent whose status is not "complete", therefore being downloaded or upload.

We accept torrents of a maximum size of 500GB per torrent. Please note, for all torrents of a size greater than 200GB, the file is automatically cut into several parts of 200GB maximum each.

  1. Split: Before adding a torrent or a magnet, you should specify if the file should be cut into several parts, but also the size of each part.
  2. Buttons allowing you to add either a .torrent file or a magnet.
  3. Status of the torrent:
    • Pending: addition and treatment in progress on our servers.
    • Downloading: torrent being downloaded.
    • Downloaded: downloaded torrent, waiting to send to the host.
    • Archiving: The downloaded torrent is a file or you have asked for it to be cut into several parts. So we create one or more archives.
    • Queued: There are a lot of torrents during converts, your torrent has been placed on hold.
    • Sending: the file is being sent to the file host.
    • Complete: the torrent has been properly converted
  4. Information relating to the name of the torrent. This area also contains the links (s) once the torrent is converted. Just click on the links (s) to be automatically redirected to the debrider page.
  5. Information relating to the speed of download of the torrent and the percentage of advancement of the download.
  6. Option for deleting the torrent.
  7. Displays a popup containing torrent information: size, number of pairs, download speed, progress percentage, if a split has been selected.
  8. Button to delete all selected torrents.
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