My downloads are slow

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2023-08-30 14:04

My downloads are slow

There are several scenarios that can explain the slowness of your downloads:

  • Your internet connection is slow or you are connected via wifi rather than wired.
  • The file host is saturated and the lenses come from it directly (we cannot send faster than we receive).
  • The connection between your internet service provider and our servers is slow/saturated.

If you have a problem with slowness during your downloads, we advise you to first check your CDN settings. These are available in the “Options” tab of the Downloader page. You will find all the explanations of the Downloader page and how to modify your CDN settings directly on this help page.

Does changing the CDN settings change anything? you can set up a download manager. We've created a help page for some of them that we find relevant:

  • Free Download Manager (Windows)
  • Internet Download Manager (Windows)
  • JDownloader (Windows and macOS)
  • Progressive Downloader (macOS)

If, despite all your efforts, the speeds are still not up to your expectations, you can contact our support.

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