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Using a VPN is completely unnecessary on our services since it is our servers which will retrieve the files from the platforms, your IP address is therefore not visible to these platforms.

However, if you want to use a VPN, it is entirely possible.


VPN IP addresses are subject to authorization, here are the two possible situations:

  • The IP address of your VPN is already authorized, the use of it is completely transparent to you and you do not notice any differences. Be careful, in certain cases, with a VPN, payment by credit card may be refused!
  • The IP address of your VPN is not authorized, a banner is displayed on the site inviting you to request authorization. Without this permission, downloading is not possible. The submission page is available here: https://www.mega-debrid.eu


Authorization requests are processed within 24 working hours. You will find the status of your request directly on the submission page.

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